My Nalgene is Not Killing Me

It looks like polycarbonate water bottles and food packaging aren’t as evil as the news media wanted us to believe.

Health Canada thinks they are safe to use for adults. They still have some concerns with baby bottles, but that’s understandable since they are used for warm liquids and given to tiny humans!

Here are some interesting links:

Questions and Answers for Action on Bisphenol A Under the Chemicals Management Plan

Bisphenol A Fact Sheet

I sent an email to Mountain Equipment Co-op to see if they would be returning polycarbonate bottles to their shelves (since they were a catalyst in the media circus) and here’s what they said:

While it is true that Health Canada has stated that polycarbonate bottles/containers are safe for food grade uses by adults, the market demand for these products has been virtually eliminated due to the uncertainty cast on the safety of polycarbonates as a result of all the media coverage.

Whether or not it is rational to do so, Canadians are switching to non-polycarbonate bottles and containers. As a result of this shifting demand, combined with the availability of products made from other materials (stainless steel, copolyester), MEC will not resume the sale of polycarbonate bottles and containers.

It would be nice if MEC offered an official statement considering Health Canada’s assessment, but they appear to be keeping quiet about the whole thing. I’m sure stores are selling a lot of new bottles after the “scare,” and a lot of perfectly good and useful polycarbonate bottles are being sent to landfill!

I will continue using my classic Nalgene bottles.

UPDATE 2010-10-25: Well, things have changed and it turns out that BPA is once again bad for you. There was a CBC news story about it recently. Since it’s now toxic, I’ve replaced my two polycarbonate bottles with Nagene’s new Tritan Copolyester bottles. Better safe than sorry.

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