My Nalgene is Not Killing Me

It looks like polycar­bon­ate water bottles and food pack­aging aren’t as evil as the news media wanted us to believe.

Health Canada thinks they are safe to use for adults. They still have some con­cerns with baby bottles, but that’s under­stand­able since they are used for warm liquids and given to tiny humans!

Here are some inter­est­ing links:

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I sent an email to Moun­tain Equip­ment Co-op to see if they would be return­ing polycar­bon­ate bottles to their shelves (since they were a cata­lyst in the media cir­cus) and here’s what they said:

While it is true that Health Canada has stated that polycar­bon­ate bottles/containers are safe for food grade uses by adults, the mar­ket demand for these products has been vir­tu­ally elim­in­ated due to the uncer­tainty cast on the safety of polycar­bon­ates as a res­ult of all the media coverage.

Whether or not it is rational to do so, Cana­dians are switch­ing to non-polycarbonate bottles and con­tain­ers. As a res­ult of this shift­ing demand, com­bined with the avail­ab­il­ity of products made from other mater­i­als (stain­less steel, copoly­es­ter), MEC will not resume the sale of polycar­bon­ate bottles and containers.

It would be nice if MEC offered an offi­cial state­ment con­sid­er­ing Health Canada’s assess­ment, but they appear to be keep­ing quiet about the whole thing. I’m sure stores are selling a lot of new bottles after the “scare,” and a lot of per­fectly good and use­ful polycar­bon­ate bottles are being sent to landfill!

I will con­tinue using my clas­sic Nal­gene bottles.

UPDATE 2010-10-25: Well, things have changed and it turns out that BPA is once again bad for you. There was a CBC news story about it recently. Since it’s now toxic, I’ve replaced my two polycar­bon­ate bottles with Nagene’s new Tritan Copoly­es­ter bottles. Bet­ter safe than sorry.

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