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Chrome for OS X is lack­ing a book­mark export fea­ture. I’m sure it will have one in the future, but it doesn’t have it yet. It will hap­pily import your moz­illa book­marks and let you get star­ted using the browser, but even­tu­ally you will notice that your book­marks are locked in. It only recently got a very rudi­ment­ary book­mark man­ager in the latest nightly builds, but there is still no export.

The Chrome book­mark file in OS X is a simple JSON data­base, so I whipped up a quick tool in Groovy to do the export. This was really a single-use pro­ject but I figured I would post the source and bin­ar­ies in case someone else needs it.

Usage: java -jar ChromeExport.jar > mybookmarks.html

By default it will find the cur­rent user’s “Default” Chrome pro­file. Since Chrome doesn’t seem to have any UI for man­aging pro­files, I don’t see why you’d have a dif­fer­ent one.

Require­ments to build/run:
* Groovy 1.6+
* Commons-Lang (for the StringEs­ca­peUt­ils)
* json-simple (for the JSON parser)

Here is a link to the source: ChromeExport.groovy
Here is a link to the fully bundled bin­ary (which prob­ably breaks somebody’s license agree­ment some­where, but com­pli­ance is not worth the annoy­ance): ChromeExport.jar

Enjoy! Let me know what you think, or if it works for you!

13 thoughts on “OS X Chrome Bookmarks Export”

  1. Works with a little bug. Once it went into a folder it didn’t get the book­marks after the folder. But other then that it’s pretty sweet. Thanks

  2. Hmmm! Could you give me a bit more detail about what happened? I’d like to fix the bug. :)

  3. Worked like a charm and made my day! You’re the man, buddy! Thanks A LOT!

  4. Thank you so much for this! Really stu­pid that it doesn’t have this in it already, but thanks for your time on mak­ing this, worked great.

  5. Small bug: it doesn’t handle uni­code char­ac­ters in the book­mark titles

  6. As far as I can see, it exports in Mac­Ro­man. So I just added iconv –from-code=MACROMAN –to-code=UTF-8 “$bookmark_file” > “$bookmark_file.html” in my script :)

  7. Thanks, it works great for google chrome! Can you help me to export my book­marks from the chro­mium browser?

  8. Thanks ever so much.. Even now 4 years later, Chrome still doesn’t have an export fea­ture. How­ever, lately it’s got­ten so buggy with Java mis­hand­ling, and all sorts of things that no longer work right, that I’ve decided to aban­don it for Safari. All my book­marks were on it though..

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