Cardboard Quadcopter!

In March 2012, Hacklab Toronto kicked off a Quadcopter meetup… people who were interested in buying, building, or flying quadcopters met for a Saturday afternoon and discussed plans. People signed up on a spreadsheet discussing what they wanted to build and how much they wanted to spend. I signed up... [Read More]

Toronto Java Users Group, 4th year!

The Toronto Java Users Group is back for its fourth great year. Things are going well, we have a nice steady group of regulars. We still meet at the Free Times Cafe, and the meetings have a nice social aspect. Presentations are short and sweet, and we try to avoid... [Read More]

Programmers are Objects

This is a disturbing thread from my email (names have been changed to protect the innocent): **From: John Smith To: Dan** Dan, I got your email from your blog, linked from the Toronto Java Users Group. Wondering if you or any of your friends / contacts may be interested in... [Read More]

Review: Insteon LampLinc Dual-Band 2457D2

I am extremely disappointed with this product. It has serious design and quality flaws. I’ve been investigating putting some Insteon devices in my house to control my lights and appliances, so I ordered a few samples. I ordered a wire-in dimmer (2876DB), a 2-wire wire-in dimmer kit (2474D), a powerline... [Read More]