I’ve been replacing Eyeo’s AdBlock Plus with Ghostery in all my browsers. Eyeo is a strange and secretive company who makes money on allowing ads through their blocker — not my cup of tea. Sure, they recently opened up the decisions of what to allow through to an “independent” board, but the bottom line is that they make money off showing you ads & disrespecting your privacy. Nah.

I replaced with Ghostery. It’s not quite as good as a pure ad blocker but it seems to have a good heart. It can optionally send them data but it asks you first (I said no) and it seems to be well-respected in the community. And they don’t let companies pay to bypass.

You have to be VERY careful with browser extensions these days. They can compromise your privacy and your security in serious ways… make sure the ones you install are authentic and well-researched. And turn off and delete any ones you don’t need. It’s good to do an audit once in a while.

My list:

  • evernote web clipper
  • 1password
  • ghostery

That’s it.

Hope this wasn’t too boring, I thought I’d share what was on my mind.