On-Demand Icecast Hosting with DigitalOcean

Why? I have an occasional desire to stream audio to my friends over the internet. I like to play music out of Spotify or Serato DJ and let my friends listen in. It’s a fun, easy method to share “live” music. Doing it requires a lot of bandwidth, around 250kbit/sec... [Read More]

Carsharing – ZipCar Review

I have been a ZipCar member since its initial introduction in Toronto. To sign up, I had to pay a membership fee, provide my driver’s license info, and wait to be mailed a card, which took a couple of weeks. ZipCar also has a recurring yearly fee, and optional monthly... [Read More]

Toronto Car Sharing — Car2Go and Zipcar

I’m an avid user of car sharing in Toronto. I live downtown in a tiny cliff home, I don’t have access to free parking, and I don’t have a car of my own. I’ve done the math a million times, and as much as I’d love to own my own... [Read More]

Ad Blockers

I’ve been replacing Eyeo’s AdBlock Plus with Ghostery in all my browsers. Eyeo is a strange and secretive company who makes money on allowing ads through their blocker — not my cup of tea. Sure, they recently opened up the decisions of what to allow through to an “independent” board,... [Read More]

Favourite YouTubes

I have been falling asleep to YouTube lately. It’s a good distraction. Here are some of my favourite content creators. They put amazing amounts of effort into making entertaining and educational videos. You should check them all out. Matthias Wandel, an amazing woodworker who was an engineer at RIM in... [Read More]